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February 2018 Release


  • Parents Menu format
    The navigation link has been removed from the top and now placed at the left-hand side section with the corresponding menu icon

  • GoDaddy Symbol is now replaced with McAfee

Bug Fixes:

  • Add Children
    When adding a new child with the existing parent's email address, in some cases specifically on Google Chrome browser, the child gets duplicated. This issue has now been fixed.

    Adding a new child with the existing parent's email will put the newly created child as another child of the specified parent.

    However, if you add a child with the same details (i.e Child Name, DOB, Parents email, and etc) as the existing, a popup will be displayed stating that the child with same name and date of birth already exists.

    If you click 'Ok' then child details will be saved, if 'Cancel' then the pop-up screen will be closed.

  • Portfolio List
    Fixes on the arrangement of the list. The latest created entry is now displayed on top of the list.

    Fixes on the Source column wherein the created diary entry appears as 'OB'. It is now displayed as 'DE''.

    Fixes on Published column wherein the created observation/portfolio entry appears as AUTOSAVED provided that the entry has already been PUBLISHED, COMPLETED, or SAVE AS DRAFT. The label under Published column is now accurately appears based on the action made.

  • Family Details
    When trying to move a Child to another room just by editing the family details, in some circumstances, the system displays an error: “Please use a different email for both parents” upon clicking the 'Save' button. This issue is now resolved.

  • Email Invitation
    Fixes on email invitation content that has been sent to the invited family members. On parent invitation email, the word 'Accept Invitation Link' has been changed to 'Accept Invitation'
  • Invited Family Members account
    Fixes on invited family members account wherein 'Invite Family' section has been removed as they are not allowed to have this functionality.

  • Parent Activity
    Fixes on Parent Activity page wherein the 'Send Invite' and 'Send Password' buttons are both loading when clicked.

    Both buttons are now sending emails to the specified parent.

  • Parent Diary Design
    Fixes on Diary Details page design and alignment.

  • Kidsbook App Notification
    Fixes on Kidsbook App wherein the notification is going to all parents of that room irrespect of the fact that their child is tagged in the diary or not. The system now has a check for days while sending app notifications. If a child is in for that particular day when the diary is added then only app notification will be sent.

Other Fixes includes:

  • Parent password setup page
    There is no password complexity maintained.
  • Centre signup page
    There is no password complexity maintained.
  • WP Site and YII Application
    X-Frame-Options header is not included in the HTTP response to protect against 'ClickJacking' attacks.
  • WP Site and YII Application
    Web Browser XSS Protection Not Enabled.
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