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This module shows a reporting interface that allows you to view email and development report, and to track down the number of entries, observations, active kids, and parent comments.

To view report, select ‘Dashboard’ under Modules menu section

Dashboard page will be displayed. By default, the total number of entries and reports displayed on the dashboard is based on all rooms in Kidsbook, but you can filter the data by selecting the ‘Select Room’ dropdown list field.

Click Go button

Once clicked, the following report (based on the selected filter) will be displayed:

  • Total number of entries, observations, active kids, and parent comments
  • Progress Report for Diaries and Observations
  • Parents Comments

    Clicking on <View All> button will redirect the page to Comment List page

  • Development Report
    To view development report, Select Room from the dropdown list field, located at the bottom part of the page.

    Once selected, the development report of each Child will be displayed.

  • Email Sent Reports
    To view email sent reports, click on the Communication label located at the top part of the dashboard.
    Email Sent Report will be displayed.

    There are two ways to view the Email Status page:

    • By clicking on the Status link (Delivered | Bounce | Opened | Clicked | Dropped)

    • By clicking on the <View All> button, below the result section

      You can also filter the displayed results by selecting the email status drop down list field

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