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Adding New Diary Entry

On Daily Diary page, click ‘Add New Entry’

A pop-up screen will be displayed with the following fields:

  • Date
  • Select Room – this will display a dropdown list of rooms available on Kidsbook
  • Close – clicking this button will close the pop-up screen
  • Create – clicking this button will open up a page allowing the user to add new diary entry

Select Room, and then click ‘Create’

Add Diary page will be displayed allowing the user to enter the diary content.

  • Input the Title and Description of your diary.

    You may add images, PDF and video on your diary by either selecting the ‘Browse Files’ link or just drag and drop the image into the box underneath the description area.

    A green bar indicates when the images have been uploaded.

  • Select Learning Outcomes

  • Tag a child that the block of diary relates too which will add it to the child’s portfolio for the year.

  • You can also build the diary in sections as the events of the day. A new block indicates a different theme or story within the diary. To add a block, click ‘Add Block’ button.

    A new area for description, image upload and learning outcome will be created.

    You can move the block up or down as you need by selecting the move arrow, and delete a block by selecting the ‘x’ icon.

    Creating a new block allows you to create separate stories focusing on individual outcomes or children

  • After providing all fields in the main area, click ‘Attendance’ located on the upper-right section

    Screen slider will be displayed with the following sections:
    • Kids Involved in the diary

    • Casual Kid
      If a child is not scheduled to be in the room at that day, you can add them by selecting their name on the dropdown list

    • Educators
      Educators that are already assigned to the room will automatically appear.
      You can assign an Educator that is not already appearing in the list by selecting their name from the dropdown list

  • Click ‘Private’

    Screen slider containing Individual comments section will be displayed.

    This is a free text field for Educators to add private comments for the parents viewing only.

  • Click ‘Activity’
    Screen slider containing the Activity Chart will be displayed. This is a pre-configured range of criteria where the educator can select the child’s activity for the day.

  • Click ‘Preview’

    A preview of the created diary will be displayed

  • Once all the fields have been provided, you can ‘save the diary’ or ‘published the diary to parents’.

    Clicking on ‘Save Diary’ button will save the diary as draft for later use

    Clicking ‘Publish to Parents’ button will send a notification to parents and the diary will be displayed on parents portal, allowing them to view and add comments.

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